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  Seattle, WA – NORWAC – Northwest Astrological Conference – May 25-30, 2017

The Northwest Astrological Conference is one of the premier conferences in the country – I will not be able to visit this area again until 2020. The World Conference in Chicago will cut out this area until that year. I will be on hand for chart consultations at the Doubletree at Southcenter on May 24, 25 and 29. May 24 is sold out. There are just 3 conditions to meet for this very special event. You do not need to be in Seattle to enjoy these rates. #1 you must select either of the two remaining dates. #2 Sessions must be prepaid before May 20, unless you plan to be in Seattle. #3 Previously discounted packages are not eligible.- Click this button to schedule..

Just $95 for a 45 min Session – SCHEDULE NOW! 


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