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Urgent Services - When Time is of the Essence.

Premium Services > Recorded Digitally By Request*

In ancient times, kings and queens, and members of government counsulted their personal astrologer for nearly every event. First Lady, Nancy Reagan, had her astrologer on call. Now you can have your very own astrologer on call as well. I prefer you never wait more than 24 business hours for an appointment when you have urgent business(*Read conditions below). Timing is of the essence.

My Priority Service gives you several benefits:

*All appointments are made within 24 business hours (Mon-Fri), excluding holidays, expositions and previously scheduled air travel days. Know that I'm on Mountain Standard Time - there is no Daylight Savings in Arizona.

*Time is limited to one hour.

*Charts are virtually unlimited. A birthdate is all that's needed for friends, relatives, employees. When information is of utmost importance, many charts can be constructed within seconds to give up to the minute information. Ethics call for particular limits with regards to charts of those not present and not directly employed. *Note that if I'm outside of my office without my primary computer, you will need to give me your birthdata again.

*Skype Mobile and Verizon Wireless are available, the former is for international communication.

Recordings may not be available if your schedule catches me at a time where recording is not possible or available. And, of course, while both of us can work as hard as possible to ensure smooth communications, neither of us are responsible for technical glitches or failed recordings.

Send an email for an appointment. All American domestic transactions can be paid for by MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. PayPal is for those cards outside the USA - sorry, no exceptions. If you already have a balance of regular (non-priority) sessions with me, this is a whole new Priority Account and is recorded as a completely separate account. Note: 24 hours advanced notice is required to cancel or move a priority appointment. There is a $125 fee charged to your balance for cancelling without 24 hr notice and all fees are non-refundable. I retain the right to terminate your account unconditionally, including legal matters where a court case is pending. In both medical and legal emergencies, you understand and agree that a professional, certified physician or an accredited, licensed attorney is recommended at all times. All accounts must be maintained with a balance in order to schedule a Priority Appointment.

If you already have a priority balance with me, please call for payment (the PayPal button does not credit balances). All USA appointments can be paid for by Master Card, Visa, Discover, AmEx and PayPal. Appointments outside the USA require a card from an American bank or Paypal. Remember, E-Checks are not a valid form of payment. Business receipts can be emailed by request to the address of choice. To continue with PayPal, simply click the appropriate button below.

For The Package of THREE (3) Premium Appointments

$735 :

For a SINGLE PRIORITY Appointment

$299 :





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