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Payment and Package Policies

Payment and

Package Policies

screen-holderA consultation is a limited amount of time discussing the aspects or interest in a particular individual or series of astrological charts. Real Astrology such as the type practiced here does not use prediction as a promise of future events, but instead as a strategy for client led and client created success. All such information delivered in any medium chosen is for entertainment or educational purposes only. Topics are chosen by myself and can vary from client to client, session to session. If your chart has an unknown birth time, rectification is a technique that estimates your birth time and is no substitution for official information discovered at a later date. Location or AstroCartoGraphy techniques that are very time sensitive will only be re-printed if a correction in the birth time is made at a later date and solely at my discretion. No additional sessions, writings or recordings will be made if an incorrect time was given prior to the session. Information from an astrological chart that pertains to legal, health or financial issues do not replace any such advice from licensed doctors, lawyers and financial brokers and traders. If you have a legal, health or financial investment question, seek the help of a professional expert in that field first. In case of illness or necessary change of schedule, every effort will be made to re-schedule an appointment within 10 days of the original. Note that some “in person” appointments that are re-scheduled may necessitate the appointment be done over the phone or Skype. Typically, first time chart sessions are in 60 or 90 minute sessions. Updates or progressions are in 30 to 60 minute increments.

Forms of payment accepted are cash, credit cards drawn on American banks such as Visa, M/C, and Discovery and exchange systems. Exchange systems such as PayPal, and Square are accepted as long as no eChecks are used. eChecks and foreign checks  cannot be accepted. Personal checks may be accepted from established clients with accounts on file. There’s a $45 processing fee for returned checks in addition to bank fees. All payments for any event (class, course, private or public consultations) are non-refundable.

Canceling or Postponing Sessions. In the event that the client fails to show, cancels or postpones a paid event for a time greater than 30 days, every effort will be made to re-schedule.

If a client cancels or postpones more than twice, no consultation, session , class or course will be re-scheduled. In the event of any disagreement in the method used for astrological data gathering or delivery of information, unused consultations or sessions can be replaced by typed reports covering the primary root interpretation of the chart requested of and/or a six month forecast based on Solar Fire’s (5th edition) standard of listed events coordinated with interpretations of Jupiter and Saturn transits to no more than five natal points within Jupiter’s orbit. Yes, someone actually requested that 🙂

Audio Recordings. While every attempt is made to secure an audio recording of a paid, 30 minute or more session, there are no guarantees the recording will be made whole or otherwise. Any original recordings given to the client are the property of the client and no additional copies will be guaranteed. Recordings will be delivered by email as Windows Media Files. Conversions to any other format are the responsibility of the client. Hard CD, DVD or BlueRay copies may be available only in the mainland, domestic 48 states of the USA for an additional fee requiring at least 2 weeks to mail.

If you have purchased a package of sessions or classes, there are specific rules that have to be adhered to:

Priority Packages receive appointments with specially reserved dates and times – and are designed to be available within 1-2 business days. This excludes holidays, expositions and days Larry is scheduled for travel. Priority sessions are transferable, but lose their priority status when transferred. Priority sessions are designed for immediate use. Those sessions not used within 90 days expire and cannot be rescheduled.

Session Packages are scheduled like regular appointments and expire one year from date of purchase. Appointments are available within 1-2 weeks of request, excluding holidays, expositions and travel trips. These sessions are transferable. Packaged sessions are discounts rewarding clients spoken to most often. Due to computer limitations, the purpose of the discount and new banking rules, all sessions must be used within a year of purchase. For example, packages bought before 1/1/2014 expire 1/1/2017 without exception, regardless of when purchased. On very rare occasion a two year exception can be made, but there are no bank records kept locally beyond this exception. No credit card information is kept in any manner, copied or stored in any medium – this is a banking agreement I subscribe to. All session packages are in measures of 30 minute increments. Any part of 30 minutes used carries over into the next 30 minute increment.

It’s the client’s responsibility to keep a dated record of purchase and the method used for payment. In the event of any disagreement in the method used for astrological data gathering or delivery of information, unused consultations or sessions can be replaced by typed reports covering the primary root interpretation of the chart requested; and can include a six month forecast based on Solar Fire’s (5th edition) standard of listed events coordinated with interpretations of Jupiter and Saturn transits to no more than five natal points within Jupiter’s orbit. All sessions focus on cosmobiological techniques that are not as birth hour dependent. If you find an earth map or ACG mapping with my error, alert me within 30 days and the map will be corrected and emailed at no charge. Mapping or ACG charts created with an incorrect time given to me may only be replaced at my discretion. Gifts or sessions involving unknown birth times can be done without the birth hour or simulated by use of rectification for an additional fee.

Sessions are not credits and cannot be redeemed for cash or future considerations. In the event partial payments are allowed over 90 days time, incomplete session package payments or payments beyond 30 days late cancel the package and all down payment or partial payments are considered payment for processing costs with all future consulting sessions forfeited.  No refunds of payments, down payments or partial payments are permitted under any circumstances.

Classes, Correspondence or Other events are scheduled publicly in advance, by correspondence or privately like regular appointments. If tutoring is offered, it can be waived or refused in advance by the student. Tutoring sessions are no more than 30 minutes in length and do not exceed the number of classes in the course. Waived tutoring sessions do not accumulate and cannot be used as credit for any future class or service. Additional time is available for an additional fee. All classes that are not public and not scheduled privately are correspondence classes. These classes are provided as downloads and complete after 30 days. Should you require more time to download the files, please request within 90 days of purchase. All class fees public, private or via correspondence are non-refundable. While the scheduling of public classes tries to avoid holidays, a majority of students may agree to hold class. Missed classes are non-refundable. Make-up classes are offered at the sole discretion of the teacher. All classes are non-transferable.

Transferred Sessions (Gifts) are scheduled after verified authorization from the package owner. Transferred sessions (Gifts) are moved to the gifted person within 1- 2 weeks and are not reserved beyond a year. Gifts are not credits and cannot be redeemed for cash or future discounted sessions. All gifts have one year to be redeemed. Gifts not redeemed are returned as a session to the buyer’s account. The same rules apply for gifts as those for Session packages listed above.

Gift certificates, coupons and all discounts expire 30 days after they are posted or given. The only exception are gift certificates with a specific date given by Larry for a holiday or specified birthday.

Special Programs and pricing all expire on the first day of the following month without exception.

Defined terms: Holidays are all American observed holidays. Expositions and Fairs are those events where I’ve planned travel, paid rent or have space reserved in advance with a possible admission fee by the promoter charged. Promotional fees or admission fees to any event Larry appears at are conditional upon each individual agreement by participants and that promoter. Larry has no responsibility or control over admission fess by any promoter or event. Days scheduled for travel are always subject to change without notice.





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