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Stop the panic! Instead of running for the hills, you can refer to
one (or both) of Larry’s special guides to Mercury Retrograde
or Saturn. Mercury Retrograde is always a pesky irritant archetype
forcing us to rest – when we can’t! The Saturn cycle always
sets up our next 7 years – but doesn’t ask (or care) what you
want. Read these guides for 2016 covering all 12 Sun signs.
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With Astrologer Larry Martin’s Moon Horoscopes you’d be challenged
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—> Top Planetary Actions are included each
month. How about those Uranus-Pluto SQuares – they WILL affect you,
but where in life will they appear? IS Mercury Retrograde? Will
Saturn create a strong transit to your sign? All is revealed each
and every month.

Meet up with Larry. Events in various cities from
Tucson to Phoenix and from Seattle, WA to Columbus, Ohio, his calendar
of events and radio appearances are listed by date and hour.

Sun AND Moon Horoscopes. Larry’s Horoscopes
are unlike others out on the ‘net. There’s in depth study of the
month ahead and usually a detailed list of “good days/challenging
days”. They include all 12 sun signs AND all 12 Moon signs.
Don’t know your Moon sign? Just click
and ask.

Love Life and Money Columns. This full edition
of the Astrology News has exclusive content on how to find more
love and money in your individual birth chart. Miss this edition,
and you’ll really miss a lot!

Save with Huge Discounts! Specials and discounts
only found in the full edition help you to save money on chart sessions.
Ignore the crazy prices you see on this web site…only readers
of the Astrology News enjoy lower rates that save money.

Larry’s Quick Reads of people making the news includes
their actual chart and Larry’s notes of what’s going on in the sky.
This is a “must have” for students of astrology.

Eclipse and Retrograde Planet articles appear one
month before each event. Many web sites don’t know what it means
or don’t have the experience to explain how you can overcome the
more challenging effects. Learn how they add emphasis to your sign.

Celebrity and Politics making the news. It isn’t
the planets creating all of the mischief, they simply tell us what
time it will occur. Research is here examining nations, politics
and celebrities that are headline news. Here are some of the charts
we’ve studied over the last 6 months: Robert Downey Jr.,
Matthew McConaughey, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jennifer Lawrence,
Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise
…plus whoever gets
into trouble! It’s all for fun and for those interested in mysteries!
We’ve covered political charts of Barack Obama, Al-Assad and Hilary
Clinton; as well as the countries of Ukraine, Russia, Greece,Syria,
and the USA.

and much more…Larry!
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