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Explore your chart for 2017! The Law of Attraction is at work!

Just click here for Fast, Faster or Fastest Service (1,2 or 3):

1. Travel to www.LarryMartin.biz and click on Consultations.

2. Email me here If you're currently outside the USA, please message through Skype at Larimar2710. Please include your birth date, place and time.

3. Schedule Your Appointment Here. Make sure your appointment is secured through your package paid account, PayPal or major credit card at least 48 hours in advance. Thanks!


Comprehensive Session is the highlight of all my services. Abundant time is spent researching your chart in order to bring you the most detailed answers. If you do not know your birth time - no worries; I can recitfy your chart (advanced phone call required). This "everything and the kitchen sink" session is recorded digitally & runs 90-120 minutes:

  1. Explore & Strategize w/ Your Talents and Challenges
  2. Overcome Limitations (via Law of Attraction)
  3. Synastry + Relationship Answers - Compatibility (likely developments) and destiny (why you met)
  4. Your Strongest Career/Greatest Service (Dharma)
  5. Your Greatest Location [AstroCartoGraphy for any state or country]
  6. Forecast Trends for the next 3 years
  7. Esoteric: Present Soul's Purpose, Past Lives and Karma
  8. Election For the Best Time to Act
  9. Receive 1 year of the Astrology News by email, free!

All recordings are done in the Windows Format and then emailed to you through the Hightail 7-day File Service. If you're unable to download the audio in 7 days, ask and I'll re-send. If you use a Mac, you will need a free conversion program : click Files to Download listed to the far left of this page.

Note: for Synastry and Relationship Charts, it's more economical to buy the package of 3 sessions listed below so that each individual can have a session independant of just the relationship session.

Driving directions, map or Skype address will be emailed, if applicable. All transactions can be paid thru PayPal below or through MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express by phone. You must have an open, valid account in order to have your appointment confirmed. To create a new account, use the PayPal button below and leave a message with the best hour and phone number to reach you. All appointments are in person, phone or Video Skype.

For a 90 Minute Comprehensive Consultation $245 :

Schedule Your Appointment Here



Multiple Session Discounts

Meeting more often than annually, means enjoying multiple chart sessions throughout the year. If you're already a regular client or would like to become one, session packages reward those I speak to most often. Individual sessions can also be given as gifts. Multiple payments plans are available - just ask!

Please return to the 2016+ web site at www.LarryMartin.biz and click on Consultations, then scroll down to Multiple Session Discounts. Thanks!


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Every Month you'll get:

- Sun sign horoscope with added detail on other planets.

- Moon sign horoscope with emphasis on happiness and joy.

- News on how planets influence everything from markets to nations.

- Articles on Finance, Love Relationships & How to Attract what you want.

Please return to the 2016+ web site at www.LarryMartin.biz and click on Events, then the first available newsletter link. Thanks!



Policies & Additional Services:

Payment and Package Policies: Sometimes Saturn says "rules are good". They provide clarity and simplicity, which helps ease everyone's anxieties. *Some packages can only be gifted to established clients. Click the link on consultations back on the new web site www.LarryMartin.biz

Using a Mac? You may need to download a converter for your Digital Recording - Flip4Mac is highly recommended.

Priority Appointments are available at a higher rate. When time is of the essence, you can have an appointment within 1-2 business days, excluding holidays, expositions, conferences and scheduled travel dates. You can depend on great astrological timing to help you through any important time. Email or call me for quickest available dates and times.

Problems with your recording? Most sessions are too long for car stereo playback. If you're using an Apple or Android portable, check with the manufacturer for instructions. Ideally, use a Windows Computer. If using Vista, Win7 or Win8, double-click on file and it will play. Make sure your speakers are on.




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