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screen-holderAll of us have had computer problems at one time or another. This page has been upgraded to include the latest suggestions or fixes for today’s more common computer snafu.:

McIntosh Requires Conversion File:

You’re recording is “Computer Only” due to the length of the session. These discs will play ONLY in a Windows Computer or MacIntosh with the correct converter. They will not play in a boom box, car stereo or other portible player. Mac users can download the converter right here:

Help for Mac Users with Recorded Sessions

If you’re using a MacIntosh computer with OS X or better, you can download this handy converter tool in order to listen to the digital recordings I send you.

My recorder is all Windows format, so playing it back on a Mac can be is tough. Flip4Mac is owned by Telestream and is sold for a nominal fee at

Software Tools Check

How Strong your Password Is

Since 2010, I have received hundreds of hacker links from clients’ email. The best way to prevent being hacked and losing your bank account is to have a strong password. Microsoft has developed an AMAZING way to check and see if your passwords are strong enough. Make sure you never give your passwords to ANYONE for ANY REASON!

Remember that your bank, Gmail or Hotmail will NEVER ask for your password under ANY circumstance!!!


Can’t be a good astrologer if you don’t know what time it is. Here’s a good site that that connects to any Internet clock and converts any time zone.


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