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Current Public Events


The Astrology News...

Celebrate one of the top resources for monthly astrological news and horoscopes: both lunar and solar are sent to you every 1st or 2nd of the month...

Just click here for more information and to sign up for the Astrology News!

Solar Fire 9 Software Dealer...Right here!

Larry has renewed his dealership license with Solar Fire! Now you can order the most amazing and most easy to uise astrology software in existence! Email Larry at Larimar2000@hotmail.com today (limited to USA Orders only).


May 2014:

Northwest Astrology Conference

The top annual astrology conference in the country is here in the Pacific NW. Larry is one of the 30 astrologers on the faculty that will be representing the most interesting topics of the 21st century. Larry's talk...

"Astrology and the Law of Attraction" includes how you can use the new dwarf planets in your attempts to attract whatever you wish into your life - what are you waiting for? Sunday, May 25 at 3:45 PM (Room: TBA)

Larry will also be available for "In Person" sessions for everyone in the Portland, Seattle and Vancouver area for Monday, May 26 and Tuesday May 27 from 11am-6pm PDT for a special conference rate of only $149. Appointment times are going fast - call ASAP 513-476-2222.

Seattle - Special Chart Sessions

If you have never experienced a Comprehensive Chart session, now is your chance! For only $149, you can have an "in person" session fully recorded and "burned to a CD" at one of the best conferences in North America.

Monday, May 26 from 11am-6pm PDT at the Doubletree Plaza Resort, Seattle, Washington. This location is near the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Contact Larry by email if you would like to sign up for

this special session. Sessions are "Live" and in person only.

Right Click for map

Scottsdale, AZ - Special Chart Sessions

If you have never experienced a Comprehensive Chart session, now is your chance! For only $149, you can have an "in person" session fully recorded and "burned to a CD" at Above & Beyond Acupuncture in Scottsdale , Arizona. Sessions are "Live" and in person only. For a very limited time, you can sign up for a chart session and experience Paul Kerzner's expert acupuncture only on Thursday, May 15, 2014. This is an exclusive event!!

Thursday, May 15 from 11am-7pm PDT at the Above & Beyond Acupuncture at 4300 N. Miller Road; Suite 144; Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

***Reserved appointments are going fast! Times after 3pm are already gone! Call or Email ASAP! 513-476-2222 Tucson phone number, Pacific Time.

June & July 2014:

Set Your Own Appointments!

Now you can make your own appointments! Schedule Once is a service I've hired to help everyone set their own appointments. The service automatically calculates your time zone by your location and converts all the complicated stuff - so we don't have to! Try it out and send me a note as to how you like it. Just look for the "Schedule Your Appointment" link where ever you wish to sign up for a service.

Astrology 2 Classes!

Intermediate astrology begins as you have already learned the 12 signs of the zodiac and how the planerts move and operate within them. Now, take your education up a couple of notches by exploring a deeper understanding through these dynamic classes:

1. Aspects: 5th thru 12th Harmonics. Discover the power of quindeciles, septiles & more!

2. Planets in Dynamic Aspects. Learn Saturn Quintile Eris, just for starters.

3. Stelliums & Complex Aspect Patterns. Mystic Rectangle? Thor's Hammer? Yod? No problem!

4. Dwarf Planets and the Law of Attraction. See how Haumea and Makemake (& others) can help.

5. Traditional Rulerships and Affinities. Bring back the feminine signs and watch rulerships jump to life.

6. House Systems & Derivative Houses. One house doesn't fit all. Explore 4 systems.

Astrology 2 - Sign Up Early, Save $14 :

This PayPal Button gives you the discounted price of $125 and includes the 6 classes of Astrology 2, cloud access to all materials plus the Conference Calls on Tuesday & Thursdays - see schedule for dates.

Hurry, this discounted price is good only through June 1, 2014.


Relationship Astrology!

This course of (8) two-hour classes, brings fun and adventure reading two astrological charts. ALL people who ever ask about a relationship assumes compatibility (you wouldn't ask if you were not compatible!). This course moves waaaay beyond compatibility and into how we benefit from deeper connections and why we make them. Included are:

*Ascendant/Descendant: The Power of Relationships

*Chart Houses of Self-Esteem

*Synastry of Two, Just the Facts

*Davison Method: Why Two People Met - FASCINATING!

*Composite Midpoints: How the Relationship Functions.

*Transits/Progressions Forecasting Relationship Longevity.

The regular fee for this course is $169. This class is offered publicly and on Skype. Email for additional details. Additional private tutoring is available for this subject at $35 per hour. See email for details and policies at the bottom of this page.

This course is planned for July 6, 2014.




August 2014:


Astrology One - Classes

Learning Astrology, August 9, 2014-

For New Students - Learn the Basics

Have you ever wanted to learn astrology? Not some meager class on how to read sun signs - but a whole new way to look at Astrology and to begin reading charts. Utilizing multiple techniques and what some refer to as an Astrologer's Bag of Secrets; Larry delivers the same information that is a part of of his every day practice. Sign ups start August 1, 2014. The course of 6 ninety minute classes are only $125. More details are listed on the Classes For Students page.

Can't make it to Arizona? No worries, join us on Video Skype! Skype is free and I can help advise you on how to set it up.




Future 2014:


Astrology Events - 2014

San Diego Conference - San Diego, CA Details and location TBA. Scheduled for Friday-0Sunday Oct 10-12 in San Diego Only.

Universal Light Expo - Columbus, OH Universal Light Expo-Oct. 25-26 from 10am-6pm at Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio. Public Sessions are discount priced and private one hour sessions will be available, on Monday, Oct 27 in Columbus Only. Details Here.

4th Avenue Street Fair - Tucson, AZ Northwest corner of 4th Avenue & 5th Street in front of Magpie's Pizza. Quick, $20 intro charts will be hand drawn and read in person from 10am-4pm Friday and Saturday and 10am to 3pm Sunday, December 12, 13, 14, 2014. Details Here.

Future 2015:

Marana High School - Marana, AZ. May 20 , 2015 at 11:30pm in Marana, AZ. Contact me for your scholastic event - it's fun for all ages to see how astrology works! Seeing and learning about your birth chart helps students explore their career opportunites the way the ancients would have advised!

Northwest Astrological Conference - Seattle, WA The Northwest Astrological Conference is one of the most popular and best run conferences in the country. Larry will be on the faculty of speakers and teachers May 22-26 at The Doubletree Hotel, 16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA 98188. Private one hour sessions will be available throughout the conference. Details Here.


For All Students - Introduction to Cosmobiology

Cosmobiology is the art of finding parallels between planetary motion and health cycles. Many are familiar with the 27 day cycle the Moon has revolving around the Earth and a Woman's Cycle. Did you know there are mulitple cycles that are demonstrable in both men and women?

Each class presents how the birth chart can be focused upon the planets without the erroneous math that plagues more common astrology. This is a new course for healing professionals and practicing astrologers alike: 10 weekly classes delivering powerful content discovered in Germany in the early part of the 20th century.

Explore the entire correspondance course for only $199. Details are right here...




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