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Cloud Access for All Astrology Classes

Cloud Access for All

Astrology Classes


Cloud Access for All Astrology Classes

Cloud Access is for all paid students. This involves an email being sent to you with the notice “Larry Martin has a folder to share” or something like that. Save the email and click on the secure link to be “transported” to the cloud. If you should lose or delete your link, request a new one here:

A cloud is where information is stored and then shared privately. You can then download any or all of the files within. If you do not own a copy of Microsoft Office then continue to the links below…

For Windows PCs

If you’re using a Windows based PC, the files should work immediately with any Microsoft Office program. If you do not own Microsoft Office, then you can get a PowerPoint “reader” for free, located here:

Note: Power Point Reader link does NOT work with MacIntosh.

For MacIntosh

You must use the Apple program, IWork, located here:

Descriptions of each course are outlined below…




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