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Cosmobiology - A New Course of Study...

Cosmobiology, a Powerful Branch of Astrology:

Reinhold Ebertin is credited with discovering Cosmobiology. While it truly started at the beginning of the 20th century, Ebertin made the largest strides in discarding the hypothetical in favor of what truly worked. What exactly is Cosmobiology? Ebertin said it best:

"Cosmobiology is a scientific discipline concerned with the possible correlations between cosmos and organic life and the effects of cosmic rhythms and stellar motion on man."

Borrowed from Drs. Feerhow and Krafft, the term 'Cosmobiology' is to designate the branch of astrology that [works with] the natural sciences. Cosmobiology discards the parts of astrology that show genuine error (divided house systems, hypothetical planets , etc.). Cosmobiology has some outstanding benefits:

  1. Develops greater understanding of character
  2. Gives genuine aid to those seeking deep psychlogical insight
  3. Can suggest healthier ways of living through naturopathic means
  4. Echoes diagnostics made by early 20th century physicians in healing

Beginning with pioneer Alfred Witte's work from 1900-1940, we will learn what makes Cosmobiology more informative than basic astrology and how its amazing depth has inspired many of today's top astrologers. We will examine in depth how cosmobiology helps us to understand lifestyles, comprehend goals and attitudes and clarifies possible health issues that influence well-being. Ultimately, the astrologer opens themselves up to a much larger world.

Renhold Ebertin's classic Combination of Stellar Influences is the required text with many other pieces of work recommended for addtional study (see below).

Please note that Ebertin's work is only a reference book. Direct instructional guidance is given as part of the course. We will participate in multiple activities to enhance retention, and help you learn astrology in a whole new way. Lecturing will make up a majority of the pedigogy, but students will be required to participate in groups as we animate various celebrity charts in a form of "astro-drama". This is most exciting course that Larry has offered to date...a whole new chapter in astrological learning unfolds!

Classes I-IX are now available as a Correspondance Course. Class X, is being updated and re-recorded and will be available May, 2014.

Class I : History of Comsobiological Thought
History's characters: From Bonatti and Kepler to Witte and Koch
The Power of Hard Aspect Relationships

Class II: The Power of Hard Aspects
Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares
The Hidden Power of Semi-Squares and Sesquiquadrates

Class III: Shifting Paradigm from Circle to Cosmogram
The Efficiency of 90 Degrees Over 360
Shifting Understanding to the Power of Aspects

Class IV: Creating Planetary Pictures
Midpoints Deliver Depth
Structured Development of Analysis

Class V: Biologically Corresponding Zodia
20th Century Physicians Using Astrology
Drs. Andrews and Cornell to Ebertin, Jansky and Tyl

Class VI: Homeopathy and Cosmic Principles
Planetary Pictures Correspond to Homeopathy
Yang/Yin and the Astrological Elements

Class VII: The Psychological Zodiac
Ebertin's Psychological Correspondance
Dwarf Planets and Their Influence
Rollo May's Work with Anxiety

Class VIII: Discussing The Future, Part 1
Transits, Eclipses and Solar Arc Directions
Cramer's Duration of Disease Model

Class IX: Discussing The Future, Part 2
Transits, Eclipses and Solar Arc Directions
Transits by Ebertin and Hand

Class X: Creating A Practice
Axis Trees of Planetary Pictures
Graphic Ephermerides and Today's Software

Email me to sign up for this tremendous course or click the PayPal button to get started. You will receive by email the materials and hand outs used for classes I-IV; as well as the audio of the first four classes.

Instructions and guidance will be given by both email and recorded audio - along with my phone number to schedule short sessions to discuss class material. The short sessions and tutoring are a part of the course - there's no additional fee for these - as any and all questions are encouraged!

Take all ten classes at your own pace - no deadlines!!

**This course is being taught January 19, 2014 live on Skype and in Tucson. See "events" for details.

$199 includes all 10 audio classes, materials (less books) and short phone sessions:

Correspondance rules apply, where the student is responsible for progress - there are no exams or quizzes. Short tutoring sessions are limited to 30 minutes without charge. Tutoring is limited to one 30 minute session per class. Sessions or meetings waived by the student are non-accumulative and do not count toward any other service or agreement other than those posted on the Policies Page.

Books Used During Course:

Ebertin, Reinhold, Combination of Stellar Influences. 1940. AFA Pub. AZ.

ibid. Astrological Healing. 1989. Weiser. MA.

Cramer, Diane, How to Give an Astrological Health Reading. 2005 print. AFA. AZ.

Jansky, Robert, Astrology, Nutrition and Health. 1977. Para Research. PA.

Kimmel, Eleonora, Cosmobiology for the 21st Century. 2000. AFA. AZ.

ibid. Fundamentals of Cosmobiology- Revised. 1979. AFA, AZ.

Tyl, Noel, The Astrological Timing of Critical Illness. 1998. Llewellyn. MN.

ibid. Solar Arcs: Astrology's Most Successful Predicitive System.2001. Llewellyn. MN.

ibid. Synthesis and Counseling.1994. Llewellyn. MN.

Witte, Alfred and Lefeldt, Hermann . Rules for Planetary Pictures.1959.Hamburg.

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