A Basic Course in Astrology 1...

What is astrology? How can it be used in order to improve your life and the lives of others?
Successful people around the world have consulted astrologers for centuries. What do astrologers know that the majority of the public does not? My approach to teaching is to help you learn exactly what a professional astrologer first notices when looking at a chart.

Six meetings of 90 minutes each, you'll learn:
  • All the same techniques offered in the Beginner's Course, PLUS:
  • How Just 4 Elements Define the Zodiac
  • To Understand Astrological Gifts, you need Harmonics!
  • Powerful Chart Reading Techniques, including Midpoints!
  • Planets and Their Cycles of Influence - How Planet positions are empowering.
  • The Influence of Birth at Various Times like Sunrise/Sunset
  • Pros and Cons of Astrology software

All astrology courses will feature Larry's Astrology Lab:

  • We will compare lessons with charts - all directly applied!
  • Question/Answer periods enhance understanding
  • No personal or private information will be posted
  • This improved design helps comprehension and retention

You'll Also Need the Best of Workbooks...

We start out by utilizing one of the best beginner books in astrology today, Demetra George and Douglas Bloch's Astrology For Yourself. Exercises to help you to create your own, accurate and intelligent interpretations. Chinese philosophy tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words and no one has the absolute answer regarding every astrological interpretation. But you can utilize your own creativity to yield amazing results that will help others understand themselves a little better. Healing and helping is the primary goal in the astrology I practice and teach.

The Fee for the Basic Course is only $175.00 (the book is sold separately). This includes once or twice weekly Astrology Labs on Skype (limited to 30 min. each). Email for additional details and registration.


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