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Self-Empowerment through Professional Astrology


Astrology, as a symbolic and predictive art, gives you access to yourself. Quickly and Effectively. It doesn’t take weeks and weeks of introspection. An Initial Consultation takes less than 90 minutes to access the symbols in your birth chart. And best of all, this knowledge is available to anyone willing to learn. It’s that easy.

Now, we’re not talking success as a child would think. Winning the lottery, discovering a savior for our relationships, or living life without problems is not what I’m speaking about. Success involves intimacy with your talents.

Openness to new ideas and resources. Learning how to be responsible with your own personal power. Becoming confident in your ability to resolve conflict, so as not to fear the future or any problem that may arise during your magical journey. We’re all here to receive an education… the learning never ends…welcome…

Prince (1958-2016):

Prince-Thumb“Genius” doesn’t even begin to describe the Artist Who Will Forever Be Known as “Prince”.  Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 at 6:17 PM in Minneapolis, MN (AA). Geminis are known for their connection to intellect and idea formation. Forever seeking answers. Prince would rise after only three hours sleep and head into his studio to record music. Playing 27 different instruments on his debut album, he merely remarked that no one else was up at 5am as the reason why he was the only one playing. What gave Prince this amazing energy? Okay, well, some would say drugs – but witnesses to his accomplishments swear they never saw him partake. What does his astrology say? Those with either Aries or Scorpio rising and Mars (their ruler) placed well, are known for their prowess both in bed and in work. Tireless, restless and impervious to exhaustion – these ‘Martians’ are a relentless pursuit of energy expression. Prince’s Mars was at Zero Aries in the 5th house of love affairs and risk taking.

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